How to Store Kefir Properly for Maximum Freshness

Kefir, a popular fermented drink, is renowned for its health benefits, including its probiotic content that promotes gut health. However, to maximise these benefits, it’s crucial to store kefir correctly. Proper storage not only preserves its freshness but also maintains its nutritional value [...]

Kefir for Kids

Health Benefits and Recipe Ideas Kefir, a fermented drink rich in probiotics, has been gaining popularity among health enthusiasts. But did you know it can also be a fantastic addition to your child’s diet? Including probiotics like kefir can help support a healthy digestive system and boost [...]

The Role of Kefir in Weight Loss: Myth or Reality?

Kefir, a fermented drink brimming with probiotics, has long been touted for its numerous health benefits. Recently, it has gained attention as a potential aid in weight loss. But does kefir genuinely help shed pounds, or is this just another dietary myth? In this article, we’ll delve into the [...]

is kefir good for dogs

Adding Kefir to Your Dog’s Diet: Dos and Don’ts Is Kefir Good For Dogs? Yes, it is safe for dogs to drink kefir in moderation! As pet owners, we are constantly seeking for methods to safeguard our pets’ well-being. The inclusion of kefir to a dog’s food is a new trend in [...]

Should I take kefir before or after antibiotics?

The Gut-Healing Power of Kefir During Antibiotic Therapy   Antibiotics have undeniably transformed medicine, saving many lives by combating bacterial illnesses. While these medications are necessary for treating ailments, they can also upset the delicate balance of our gut microbiota. This is [...]

The Benefits Of Drinking Water Kefir

Are There Any Benefits Of Drinking Water Kefir Water kefir is a popular drink that is made with the grains of water kefir. The drink is fermented, and it is created via combination of kefir grains and sugar water. More and more people are making it or buying it because of the many benefits it [...]

Can Kefir Help People With Lactose Intolerance?

Kefir and Lactose Intolerance People that suffer from a common condition known as lactose intolerance, could use kefir to start introducing dairy back into their diets again. Lactose intolerance is actually a common digestive issue that results from very low levels of the enzyme known as [...]

How Do You Know Your Probiotics Are Working?

It may come as a shock to many people – but there are about 100 trillion bacterial cells in your body as you read this article. That’s about 10 times as many microbial cells as there are human cells. If we were to be honest we’re not in control – we’re just a [...]

How much probiotic bacteria is in kefir?

How Much Probiotic Bacteria Has Kefir Really Got? Kefir has been associated with healthy living, literally for millenniums. This naturally fizzy lactose drink has become very popular around the world and the UK in recent times. One of the main reasons for its recent popularity is the fact that [...]

Does consuming kefir make you gassy?

Does Consuming Kefir Make You Really Gassy? Kefir is a drink that contains both healthy bacteria and yeast. It is made by fermenting milk. It is used for various different reasons. Like all fermented foods, it can be very difficult to digest for some people. As a result, it can lead to mild and [...]

How much kefir should you drink?

Exactly How Much Kefir Should You Drink? Kefir is a fermented drink that is full of healthy bacteria. This can improve overall gut health in otherwise healthy individuals. However, for individuals that aren’t healthy and who already have a compromised immune system, this can pose a risk. [...]

What is the difference between kefir and yoghurt?

Kefir Vs Yogurt Kefir has often been confused by many to be yogurt, perhaps thinking it’s a variation of yogurt. However, contrary to popular opinion, they are actually two distinctly different products. They do have similar qualities, after all, they are both probiotic dairy products and [...]

Does Kefir help to reduce IBS symptoms?

Can Kefir Help To Reduce IBS-Related Symptoms? Yogurt has long been considered a healthy food with its numerous benefits such as gut-friendly bacteria. However, there is another milk-based product that has become the latest craze in the diet and nutrition industry. This product is kefir. Kefir [...]

Where do Kefir grains come from?

What Are Kefir Grains And Where Do They Come From? Kefir is a drink made from fermented milk which is similar in consistency and texture to yogurt. Kefir contains probiotics and is made when adding these kefir grains into milk. The kefir grain consists of sugars, lipids, and proteins. They are [...]

How is your gut connected to your brain?

How Are The Gut And Brain Connected? Sensations such as butterflies in your stomach suggest certain things to the brain. The question that many people have is how the gut and brain are connected. These two organs are connected in physical and biochemical ways through different systems. The [...]

What Are Probiotics?

Kefir Probiotics: What You Need To Know About Them What Are Probiotics Probiotics are live bacteria (good) that help keep your digestive system and especially the gut in check. These bacteria are considered good because they help fight/prevent harmful bacteria from accumulating in the gut. [...]

Does using Kefir have benefits for your skin?

Kefir – Can It Take Skincare To The Next Level? If you think of ‘run-of-the-mill’ yogurt – but transformed from merely healthy into what many are calling the latest and greatest Superfood then you might be coming close to Kefir. Kefir is, simply a fermented milk drink. [...]

What is Kefir?

Kefir: A Definition And Its Benefits Although you have probably heard about probiotics, you might be less familiar with kefir. However, it’s pretty common in natural health circles, as it consists of nutrients and friendly bacteria that can assist you in preserving a healthy gut. Is Kefir just [...]

How to settle an upset tummy – naturally!

How To Naturally Settle An Upset Tummy Upset stomachs have many causes, but there are also many ways to naturally settle an upset tummy. While these natural treatments can help most people, there are some stomach upsets that require medical attention. If you have an upset stomach, you can try [...]

How Can You improve Your Gut Health? 5 Tips….

5 Tips For Improving Gut Health Gut health is extremely important since it affects your overall health. You may think that bacteria is bad but there is actually good bacteria and this needs to be cultivated in your gut. Having good gut health can help to protect you from a variety of diseases [...]

What is IBS & what can you do to treat it?

WHAT IS IBS & WHAT CAN YOU DO TO TREAT IT?   IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic condition that requires long-term management. If you feel you might have IBS, you need to know what it is and how it is treated. Of course, you should visit a doctor to have this diagnosed. […]

What are the possible dangers of drinking kefir?

What Are Some Dangers Of Drinking Kefir? Kefir might offer some digestive benefits to those that can handle it, there could be negative side effects from consuming it. This is pretty much the case with all fermented foods. Everyone’s digestive system is different. Therefore, they might be [...]


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