Does my Kefir need to be kept in the fridge?

We advise that you store your Kefir in the fridge as soon as you receive it to slow down the fermentation process, this ensures that the gas produced in the fermentation doesn't build up too much and cause the bottles to leak. Your Kefir does not need to be refrigerated during delivery.

What is the bacteria count?

Each of our Kefir milks has up to 50 billion bacteria per bottle.

Why can I buy cheaper Kefir in supermarkets/shops?

Our Kefir is made using live Kefir grains which is why the bacteria count is so high in comparison to others. The Kefir which is available to buy in shops and supermarkets is made from powdered Kefir milk therefore making it less potent and doesn't contain as many live bacteria. Our Kefir milk continually ferments which means the Kefir will continue to get stronger and the bacteria count will increase.  

What is the liquid in my grains packet?

We send out grains as they are, the liquid that you receive the grains in is what comes out of the grains during the delivery process, which can cause the grains to weigh less than what they did when we sent them. This liquid can be added to your first ferment as it will work as a booster to your grains.


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