Healthy Coconut Kefir

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Day Supply
What we offer;
An 8 day supply which consists of 3 x 500ml bottles including our guide & information booklet.
A 22 day supply which consists of 8 x 500ml bottles including our guide & information booklet.
For each course we recommend 180ml of Healthy Coconut each day first thing in the morning before food.

Our Kefir is in its most natural form this is to maximise the amount of live bacteria. It will be slightly sour and a effervescent, sparkling texture. Kefir is referred to as the champagne of milk. As it ferments it releases gasses be careful when opening the bottles, expect champagne style overflows.

Healthy Coconut is a live Kefir drink handmade using live milk Kefir grains here in Yorkshire. It is one of the leading Kefir drinks in the UK. We make Healthy Coconut using the traditional methods of fermentation, once it is bottled it is still constantly fermenting and getting stronger.

Naturally, Healthy Coconut can be effervescent and sour, simply add raw honey to sweeten it up. Healthy Coconut can sometimes separate and release natural gases due to the continuous fermentation, don't worry this is normal. Slowly open the bottle to release the gases, recap and shake before you drink. But be careful when opening, champagne style overflows can occur.

Healthy Coconut tastes best chilled, please keep it in the fridge below 5°C. We recommend 180ml per day, first thing before food.

Ingredients: Cultured Coconut Milk Drink (Water, Coconut milk (5.3%),(Coconut cream, Water), Rice (3.3%), Calcium (Tri-calcium phosphate), Stabilisers (Guar Gum, Gellan Gum, Xanthan Gum), Sea Salt, Vitamins (Vitamin B12, D2), Flavourings.)

Allergy advice: May contain traces of Milk.

Healthy Coconut is suitable for Vegetarians.

The coconut milk used in fermentation is dairy free but the grains used to make our Healthy Coconut have previously been cultured with cows milk.

Typical Nutritional InformationPer 100ml
Energy121 kJ/29 kcal
of which saturates0.9g
of which sugars1.0g

Vitamins InformationPer 100g
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