Kefir Grains

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Live Kefir Grains
Our Kefir grains are probably one of the highest quality live grains in the UK. Our grains are active and produce some of the best Kefir milk in the UK. Using the freshest British milk our grains are quality assures. Our Kefir grains are the perfect starter culture to create your own homemade Kefir.

Cows Milk

Our milk Kefir grains work best with whole cows milk to produce the highest quality kefir. If you want to produce homemade milk Kefir with semi-skimmed cows milk this would also be okay, although the Kefir grains do not have the essential nutrients in semi-skimmed milk to stay alive. We advise after 2-3 batches of Kefir made with semi-skimmed milk you produce a batch with whole cows milk to feed the grains so they do not get damaged or die. We do not recommend you use skimmed milk as there are not enough essential nutrients for the grains to work.

Goats Milk

Our grains are perfect to make Goat's milk Kefir with whole goats milk. Just like cows milk we advise to use whole goats milk as it provides the grains with the essential nutrients and foods they need to survive. We do not advise skimmed goats milk as there is again not enough nutrients for the grains to feed on and they may become damaged or die.

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