Opening Your Kefir

Kefir made with Live Kefir Grains is referred to as the Champagne of milk.

The use of Live Kefir Grains means that our Kefir milk is very medically potent, because it is full of Billions of active bacteria the Kefir is constantly fermenting in the bottle, this continual fermentation can lead to a build up of pressure from naturally produced gasses .

Bottles can become pressurised and cause overflows when being opened which can be very messy and lead to a lot of wasted Kefir. Without adding any nasty additives which will kill the beneficial bacteria this is impossible to avoid.

If you received your Kefir and there was no pressure within the bottle and it didn’t overflow…lucky you! This is not a bad thing it just means the natural yeasts in your Kefir are sleeping (dormant), this does not alter the amount of bacteria present in your Kefir it is just as good for you!


We advise you to take the following steps when opening your bottles to avoid waste if they overflow.

  • Upon receipt of your Kefir Smoothie bottle put it straight in the fridge and leave it overnight to cool down after it has been in transit.
  • Thoroughly clean a bowl or container for catching any spills, placing it in the sink or on a clear worktop.
  • Thoroughly clean the outside of your bottle. Over your container, slowly start to unscrew the bottle cap until you hear the gases starting to escape.
  • Once the gases have stopped continue to slowly open the cap again until your Kefir starts to run down the side into your container. Repeat this slowly, gradually opening the cap until the Kefir stops overflowing.
  • Once you have fully removed the cap give it a few seconds to calm down before screwing the cap back on.
  • Give your bottle another thorough clean.
  • You can then pour the Kefir that escaped into your container back into your bottle, or consume straight away is desired.
  • We advise you repeat this with all of your bottles in one go rather than when you are ready to open a new one, pop your bottles in the fridge until you need them, you should not need to repeat this process once you have done it.





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