Cows Milk Smoothies

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100% Natural. No added Sugar. Authentic Kefir.

✓  Made from Live Kefir Grains
✓  30+ Authorised Health Benefits
✓  Up to 300 Billion Bacteria per Bottle
✓  Scientifically Tested
✓  Research & Trials Conducted by Universities

‘#1 Live Kefir producer with over 30 authorised health benefits. Made using own UNIQUE Kefir grains, no other Kefir on the market is like it’

“Fantastic Kefir . This product is great. Myself and my two daughters are going through a lot of health issues and kefir has a massive impact on our health and energy levels. There is absolutely no similarity to shop bought kefir as this is definitely superior product.” – Mac



Kefir grains are key!

Our Healthy Cow Kefir Milk Smoothies are made in the traditional way by fermenting fresh, whole Cow’s milk using only Live Kefir Grains, this is essential in order to ensure the medical potency and maximise the amount of active, beneficial bacteria. These are important for improving overall health as well as mental well-being, skin conditions, digestion and immunity.

Each bottle of Healthy Cow Kefir Milk Smoothies are filled with hundreds of billions of active bacteria. Regular consumption of beneficial bacteria keeps your gut balanced and your microbiota happy which, in turn can balance your mind.

You can find strains of Lactobacillus (including Lactobacillus Acidophilus & Lactobacillus Keferi), Lactococcus Lactis, Entrococcus Faecium and Streptococcus Thermophilus amongst others

Healthy Cow Kefir Milk Smoothies are just as full of beneficial bacteria as our Healthy Cow Kefir Milk, we simply add fruit puree to give them a natural fruit flavour. No nasty stuff is added, no added sugars, no preservatives and no additives, just traditional Cow’s Milk Kefir and fruit puree.

Our Healthy Cow Kefir Milk Smoothies are perfect for if you are wanting to get your children into drinking Kefir, or those who simply prefer their Kefir flavoured.

Kefir is referred to as the champagne of milk, meaning Healthy Cow Kefir Milk Smoothies may be slightly sour and can have an effervescent, sparkling texture. Due to the continuous fermentation Healthy Cow Kefir can sometimes separate and release natural gasses so be careful when opening the bottles, don’t worry this is normal but champagne style overflows can occur.

Slowly open the bottle to release the gases, recap and shake before you drink.

We like to do our bit and look after the planet as best we can, we package each of your orders in our 100% sheep wool insulating pouches. These pouches are made in Yorkshire and are fully biodegradable, you can pop them on your compost heap or simply put them in your general waste bin.

We recommend 180ml Healthy Cow Kefir Milk Smoothie per day, first thing before food to kick start your gut.

Healthy Cow Kefir Milk Smoothies taste best chilled, please keep them in the fridge below 5°C.

For nutritional & allergen information click here.

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