Our planet is important to us here at Live Kefir Co., we aim to do everything we can in order to make as little impact on it as possible. Whilst ensuring we are a responsible business who can, when possible,  leave the planet in a better place than we found it.
What good are health products if they aren't healthy for our environment? We are committed to constantly improving our process and paving pur way for other drink brands.

What we have done so far


Made the move to 50% recycled plastic bottles


using recycled, biodegradable, reusable & recyclable packaging


getting our dairy milk from Yorkshire dairies


using Organic coconut cream

Let’s talk in more detail


Our Packaging

Since we started Live Kefir Company in 2017 we have always been conscious of our packaging choices, constantly looking at ways we can improve. This year we have really focused on this and we are able to say that all of our cardboard boxes used to pack your orders are made from recycled cardboard which can be recycled, and our new tape too.

The pouches we have been using for a few years now are made from sheets wool so are biodegradable; they are also loved by birds to make nests from! The ice packs which keep your Kefir cool are reusable, just pop them back in the freezer.

We have made the switch to recycled paper for packing slips/invoices, we have also reduced our paper usage by getting rid of the information booklet and streamlining it into a single page leaflet.

In Summer 2022 we will be making the move to 50% recycled plastic bottles, we have researched long and hard about our best options for bottles. People often ask why we do not use glass or plant based plastics; unfortunately given the lively nature of our Kefir and continual fermentation these types of bottles are not stable enough and would break under the pressure. This is another reason we are unable to have 100% recycled plastic bottles at this moment in time. We will of course continue to find more sustainable options and hopefully with time and technology advances we will get there!

Our Milk

Being a Yorkshire based company we have always wanted to champion other Yorkshire producers. Both of our dairy milks come from Yorkshire dairies which are under 50 miles away.

Unfortunately there are no coconut farms in Yorkshire, or none that we are aware of! So we ensure our coconut cream comes from reliable farms instead, and we have recently made the switch to Organic coconut cream, better for the planet and better for us all.

Our process of making Kefir milk uses traditional methods that have been around for thousands of years. We use a live bacteria to culture our high quality milk which means no need for additives or stabilisers. Just pure, traditional Kefir.


What are the next steps?


look at our bottle labels and find more environmentally friendly alternatives


continue to work on offsetting our Carbon footprint


follow us



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