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if like us, you are from Yorkshire
Milk Kefir originated in the Caucasus Mountains as an Eastern European drink made with Kefir grains, a natural yeast/bacterial fermentation starter. Traditionally Kefir is fermented at a constant room temperature between 20-25C for 24 hours and here at the Live Kefir Company we follow this tradition.
The fermentation process of Kefir milk gives it a similar consistency and taste to a drinkable natural yoghurt, sometimes tangy and carbonated. Once the Kefir milk is completed the milk is ready to be strained, bottled and sent to you.
The great thing about Kefir and the fermentation process is that it is alive and will never really 'go off'. When you receive your Kefir it is still living and slowly fermenting, even when you put it in the fridge. This may lead to the Kefir separating but thats perfectly normal and will be fine you just need to shake it up before drinking. In fact the longer it ferments the more nutritious it becomes, although this does come at a cost and the tanginess of the milk will increase.

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