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uthentic Kefir is a fermented milk drink that is made using live Kefir grains. Kefir originated from the Caucasus Mountains which are situated between Eastern Europe and Asia. The Caucasian people traditionally made their Kefir from Cow’s, Goat’s or Sheep’s milk and live Kefir grains.

We have kept to these traditions by making Healthy Cow Kefir and Healthy Goat Kefir, however we have also created Healthy Coconut which is a Coconut milk based Kefir made in exactly the same way using live Kefir grains – a perfect alternative.


Kefir has been known in Russia since around 1867, traditionally made in Goat skin bags that were hung in doorways, the bags would be knocked around as people passed through the doorways keeping the milk and Kefir grains well mixed.

Fast forward to 2017, when we started making our own Kefir, we are proudly producing Kefir using the same traditions, we just don’t use goat skin bags we have large shiny tanks which are much more hygienic.


Using Kefir grains is extremely important to us as it produces a true, authentic kefir as it has been made traditionally for so many years.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

It is also crucial that we use the live Kefir grains to ensure our Kefir has the highest levels of beneficial bacteria for our bodies to improve any ailments we may have or to improve general well being.


Traditionally Kefir is fermented at an ambient temperature, this is one of the processes we still follow. During fermentation the lactose in the milk is broken down into mostly lactic acid bacteria which results in acidification of the milk. As a result of our fermentation very little lactose is present in the Kefir.

The taste and texture of our Kefir is very much unique. Due to the high counts of lactobacillus bacteria it can have a tart/sour taste and the natural yeasts can create a fizzy texture as they are active and producing CO2.

What is Kefir

Kefir grains are key if you want to produce an authentic Kefir which is naturally packed full of beneficial bacteria, this is why we use them!

They are strange little things, almost rubbery in texture and are creamy white in colour, Kefir grains are a living organism made up of live bacteria and yeasts, they vary in size and can be as small as 1mm. They do grow and can get rather large if not maintained properly. They come in a variety of shapes from little clusters to thin ribbons.





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