Kefir Vs Yogurt

Kefir has often been confused by many to be yogurt, perhaps thinking it’s a variation of yogurt. However, contrary to popular opinion, they are actually two distinctly different products. They do have similar qualities, after all, they are both probiotic dairy products and have positive effects on our digestive system. They are, however, different in that Kefir is actually thinner. while this much helps you spot the two contrasting drinks, there are other differences, here are the 2 main ones:

1. Preparation procedure.

Kefir is prepared by fermentation of cow milk (or other ingredients like almond milk, water, goat, and sheep milk) and the addition of kefir grains under room temperature. These grains have a lot of active bacteria, more than 10 actually, and are known to trigger yeast action as well. This increases the number of healthy bacteria and active yeast in the Kefir. The grains are then removed for reuse. Yogurt, on the other hand, is made by heating a yogurt mix then cooling it and adding two main bacteria types: Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. This difference in preparation results in more nutritional benefits with Kefir. It also has more fat and protein than yogurt. When choosing a drink to improve digestion, Kefir doubles the benefits of yogurt.

2. Probiotic Content.

Kefir also contains a lot more healthy bacteria than yogurt does, estimated to actually have three times the number that yogurt has. In preparation, Kefir is fermented using 10-20 yeast and transient bacteria types, whereas yogurt only contains a few of these as seen before. Because of this, Kefir will naturally feel sourer than yogurt will, even on addition os sugar. Again, this makes its health benefits supersede yogurts. According to research, Kefir actually does have more health benefits which include boosting the immune system, anti-allergic effects, reducing tumor growth, prevents both fungal and microbial infections, and finally, is considered beneficial for malabsorption of lactose.


The choice of drink is really up to you and your preferences since both drinks tend to be incredibly healthy. When looking for a thick sweet drink, yogurt will come in handy. Kefir is the go-to option however if you prefer a more natural tangy taste or a thin drink consistency. When doing it for health purposes however, whether to improve your digestion, antibiotics, cure a urinary tract infection, or any other health-related issue, Kefir is the ultimate choice as seen there before!

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