When Should I Drink Kefir & Why?

If you’ve heard about all of the nutritional benefits of kefir, you might be eager to make it a part of your life. Kefir is a fantastic way for you to improve your digestive health. Of course, if you are going to be drinking more kefir, you’ll want to make sure you drink it at the right time.

When Should You Drink Kefir?

Not all people have the same experiences with kefir, and you should take your own experiences into account when you’re deciding when to drink this beverage. With that said, many people recommend that you drink it at the start of the day.

If you’re not a fan of breakfast, you could even drink kefir before you have your first meal of the day. If you do that, it’s likely that you’ll have better digestive health throughout the day.

Should You Drink Kefir With Food?

You can have kefir with food or drink it on its own. The choice is up to you. With that said, there are many people that prefer having kefir with meals. Just be aware that kefir can be very filling.

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When Should You Avoid Kefir?

You don’t necessarily have to drink kefir in the morning, but you should avoid drinking it before you go to bed at night. Since kefir has an impact on your digestive system, it can keep you from getting a peaceful night of sleep.

Instead, you should try to have kefir during a time when you’re going to be active. Even if you drink it later in the day, it should be at least a few hours before bed.

What’s the best time of day for you to drink kefir? Look at what the experts recommend and decide what to do from there. You should focus on finding a solution that works for you.

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  • Lilian

    Can I take kefir & overnight oat at the same time? my overnight oat contain milk & yogurt.

    • Imogen Dransfield


      Of course, you can even make overnight oats with your Kefir milk instead of the yogurt.

  • Nyo Lei Yi Aye Min

    Hi, I fast a lot and so I don’t want to take it first thing in the morning cause it will break the fast. But if taking that first thing in the morning has more benefits than drinking it with or after the meal, I will take it first. But if the benefits are equal, I want to delay. So, are benefits the same?

    • Imogen Dransfield


      It is only advisory, you can take the Kefir when it is best for you, some people take it last thing before bed. Kefir works better on an empty stomach but it doesn’t mean it wont work if you take it with food or at any other time of the day.

  • Natalie Smartt

    Can i take kefir and a banana in the morning for Breakfast?

    • Imogen Dransfield

      Of course, many people add their morning kefir to a smoothie.

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